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We invite our fellow people living with HIV to take part in an exhibition to publicly combat stigma, and show how they are thriving, and celebrate the fact that they can say that;

 “There is more to me than HIV”

Combatting Stigma

With the Covid-19 pandemic, parallels have been drawn between our current situation and the emergence of HIV in the 1980’s. Fear, misinformation, blame seeking, judgement and stigma(1) play a part in both epidemics.

Whilst the whole world looks for a cure for COVID-19, there is still no cure for HIV, some thirty years after it emerged. 

The good news now for HIV is that it is treatable, though not curable; with early detection and effective treatment - living with HIV is no longer a death sentence.

However, stigma is still experienced by many people living with HIV, and can have serious negative effects on a persons wellbeing.

This project hopes to show that people living with HIV are not just surviving, but thriving. Many people are overcoming the stigma associated with HIV, and are all the better for it. HIV doesn’t discriminate who it infects. There is nothing disgraceful about having a virus.

This project simply states;

There’s more to me than HIV


stigma | ˈstɪɡmə |


A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person

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